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About Us

Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd:
Certified Arborists in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd was founded in 2009 by local entrepreneur Wesley Jenkins. Serving the entire Halifax area, including Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, Fall River and surrounding areas.

Wesley A. Jenkins, Certified Arborist and Owner

Wesley is the leading professional Arborist and founder of Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd. He has worked within the arboriculture industry for over 22 years. Wesley has successfully completed the International Arboriculture Society (ISA) Certified Arborist exam and continues his education through the ISA, updating his certification every three years as per ISA industry requirements. He is passionate about providing quality tree care services while never losing sight of our shared environmental responsibilities.

Wesley’s passion for tree climbing stems back to his childhood. Growing up in rural northern New Brunswick he spent much of his childhood watching his father work in the wildlife and forestry conservation industries.  Not only was Wesley’s father involved in forestry but both of Wesley’s grandfathers were involved in the logging industry. Eagerly wanting to follow in their footsteps Wesley was actively involved in his father’s work at a young age. 


They often climbed trees together to study different birds and their nesting patterns. His passion for climbing and tree work continued to adulthood where he advanced his studies by becoming a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture. Paired with Canada’s green heritage and his own historical ancestry within the forestry industry, Wesley felt “Green Heritage Tree Services” was an appropriate name for the business. His goal is to keep this business growing for the next generations in his family.

For all your tree care needs, call Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd today!


Why Choose a Professional Tree Service?

Trees are an investment. Not just a sentimental investment, but also one requiring diligent work to maintain many years of health and beauty. As a reputable, insured and certified Halifax tree care company, Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd can provide helpful advice and services to help keep your trees healthy and happy. Tree care, trimming and pruning, stump or tree removal are tasks best left to trained professionals, both for the good of the trees and for safety reasons.

Hiring an ISA certified arborist keeps you and your family safe, while also limiting the liabilities involved with an uncertified or uninsured services provider. Visit our Arborist Advice section for more helpful tips!

Want to hire a certified arborist? 

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